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Click to ZoomKnoxville, Tn. is the home to the main office of Concrete Cutting Systems Inc. It is also one of the southeast's fastest growing cities. In the spring of 2004, the city needed more fresh water supply. The expansion project was awarded to Haren Construction of Etowah, TN.

Click to ZoomA critical part of the job was to shut down the main water supply line and tie in new additional lines. With the city's main supply shut down, the reserves would not last long. Therefore Haren Construction contracted Concrete Cutting Systems Inc., to complete the cutting portion of the job.

This required cutting (2) wedge shaped sections out of the 54" diameter concrete and steel reinforced pipe. To accomplish this we used a diamond wire saw. The diamond wire was wrapped around the entire pipe and then cut through. We then drilled two 5" diameter holes in each piece for lifting. There was substantial time in mounting the machine on a round surface and creating the desired angle, but the actual cut time was approximately 15 minutes each. This job was completed on time, and on budget.

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